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Please see this animated screen capture: https://i.vgy.me/zPz8xU.gif

I've just downlaod and installed SoundID Reference for the fist time and this was obvious as soon as I started exploring the GUI. As you can see in the screen capture, some elements of the GUI "twinkle" when the mouse is over them, to let the user know that said element is clickable. However, there are many that don't. At the moment the mouesover behaviour is  inconsistent across the GUI. Ideally make all clickable controls visually react on mouseover, for a better UX, otherwise it's difficult for users to intuitively know what can and can't be clicked. Thank you!

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Quick note here: this GUI issue was eventually resolved with a software update. In case anyone else is still experiencing similar GUI issues, please let us know! 


Hi Manny,

Thanks for your feature request! I have passed along your feedback to our team for further consideration, thanks for sharing! 


@Kārlis I thought I'd make a short video to point out the various UX inconsistencies I could find, you can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/aiibIO6Wklo


Hi Manny

Very comprehensive piece of feedback, thanks for taking the time to lay it all out for us! 

I will share this with our Product Team and see if we can get it reviewed for initiating some development tasks for it. I can't promise everything will instantly get addressed and adjusted to your liking, however, we have received similar feedback in the past, so some overhaul is probably needed here. 


That sounds good Kārlis. I look forward to future updates. Thanks!

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