Severe distortion


I am suddenly experiencing severely distorted output to my headphones when Reference is loaded, even when it is NOT enabled. Did not experience this issue previously, seems to have "just happened".


iMac 2013
Mac High Sierra
Apple Beats Studio3
Wireless mode

Audio is fine when Reference is not running. Starting Reference immediately causes extreme distortion, even when it is not enabled. Only happens in Wireless (Bluetooth) mode, not when hardwired. No problem with the headphones in any other circumstance/use.

Same headphones on MacBook Pro 2012, works fine with Reference loaded.

Tested a 2nd set of the same Studio3 headphones on the iMac. No problem.

Tried doing an uninstall/reinstall of Reference. No change in the issue.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Official comment

Hey Leslie,

It seems that this might require further investigation!

I have created a ticket from your request so a support agent can look at it!


Additional info: System sounds seem fine. Only having the issue with audio files on the hard drive.


Still more additional info: When playback is set to the headphones in RX7, the sound is fine. When the playback in RX7 is set to Reference, it's crap. Although previous indications were inconclusive as to the culprit, it seems this last detail pretty much points to Reference being the issue.

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