Sonar Reference is changing my sample rate!



Why is Reference changing my sample rate to 48kHz every time I start it?

If I change it back to 44.1 it gets set bacl to 48kHz after a few minutes.

Any help appreciated.


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Hey Joe, thank you for the insight!

Sample rate changes would explain the audio dropouts, but not the jumping microphone location. The measurement software would either show up an error or crash during such an occurrence.

It sounds like there is a conflict between multiple software/hardware units in regard to the sample rate values. Here are a few examples of what could cause it:

  • Systemwide being set the output of your DAW with a project with a different sample rate than the one set in your DAW initially. When using Systemwide the setting would be communicated to Systemwide rather than your interface, causing the virtual output device to struggle.
  • Systemwide being in an aggregate with the same device it is outputting audio stream to. 
  • Multiple Virtual output devices have different sample rate settings using your interface simultaneously.

These are some of the most common examples I encounter daily when working with other customers. There can be other problematic scenarios as the software/hardware setups can be very unique, requiring an approach that would not work for most other cases.


Hi Marco, thanks for the post, and apologies for the moderation lag here! Is this still an issue with your setup?

I'm not exactly sure why this behavior is present, although there are several conditions that might be affecting the functionality in different situations/setups. What is the operating system you're running and the audio interface model you're using? Is this computer start-up specific too, or is the problem present whenever you're launching Systemwide manually? Thanks!


I have an ongoing ticket with you. (93458)
I have random glitching/randon audio drop out when producing on Ableton.
I just realized, after spending the last few months trying to fix this (I tried different soundcards, playing with sample rates, updating drivers, downloade you latest beta version, etc)
that the sample rate is switching from 44.1 to 48hz for no reason at all. It might explain the mic jumping during the measurement process.
Changing the sample rate during my productions fixes temporarily the problem (switching from 44 to 48 and vice versa) until it happens again 10mn later.

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