Can’t the “Your Trial has expired” be removed from the GUI?


I have Ref 4 Headphone Edition. Paid for it. Great product, love it. Only thing I don’t like about it is the message on the top right of the GUI which says: ‘Your Trial has expired’. Irritates me. Can’t it be removed?


Official comment


Sadly the issue has indeed reappeared for some users with the update. We are currently investigating it and your reports would help in the process.

If you are still experiencing it with the aforementioned update, please submit a support request here!

UPDATE! The issue was eventually fixed with another Reference 4 software update. The latest version of Reference 4 is always available for download here.  


Hey Marcel,

We have identified the issue and a fix has already been scheduled to be included in the next update. It will be released sometime in the following 2 weeks! I hope it doesn't cause too much inconvenience until then!


Hi Chris, That is great! Thanks very much!


Apparently this bug was so popular it was brought back as a 'feature'. Cuz it's still showing and can't be gotten rid of.

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