Correct only certain frequency range.


I really wish your software let you choose to correct only a certain frequency range, say from 20 Hz to 500 Hz only.


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Quick followup on the feature status here, in case anyone has missed it.

The Custom Target feature is implemented in SoundID Reference, and it does exactly that: it's a full-blown parametric EQ, allowing users to create custom adjustments to the target, and also add calibration range curtains. Learn more here: Custom Target

A bunch of different target curves are also available via the Translation Check feature.




Yes this would be fantastic




I agree, but after the great support from this co. reps, I would say they care a lot about their product and if they have not made this a possibility, it is probably because they truly do believe it kind of defeats the purpose of this program. Also, the co. wants to create a new “standard” for play back devices such as boom boxes and stereos. Therefore it again defeats the purpose of the product a bit to have only partial utilization of the software’s capabilities. All that said, I too would like to have the option. More than that though, i would like to be able to ALTER the EQ, even if only be quadrants or freq. ranges. That capability would seemingly also satisfy the request of this thread, as one could just shut off and areas of freq. adjustment. But again, I can hear in my head the company saying how this would distort the accuracy of the analysis. But hey, if a user wants to butcher his results, that’s his business I think. We’d all use it our own way. Some would shut off entire bands, others like me, would just shade things a bit. For example, my system constantly is a bit edgy around 7-8K. If I hear 25 commercial releases on iTunes, and they all sound a bit edgy or, boomy, or whatever, I would like the option to create an alt. template to customize. Could be here specific too. Fro example, I might want a different EQ bias if mixing classical or dance etc. On dance, maybe I want to hear to the lows hyped my own way, not just the limited choice given in the software now, which are very gross maneuvers without any subtlety.  


I agree.  I think they need to consolidate some of these posts because others are essentially requesting this same feature described in different ways.  I would suggest an Advanced Mode where the correction curve (or target curve) could be "nudged".  An adjustable Multiband Dry/Wet option as an alternate to the current single dry/wet mix knob would be a welcomed addition.  I personally would like to preserve the sound of my ribbon tweeters from about 10k and up without affecting the calibrated corrections below 10k.  This feature could be beneficial for tailoring subwoofers and subpacs too.


100% Agree!


Thoughts from a pro audio mixer that works every day in a studio:

I have hired professional acousticians for building 2 studios the last 4 years, and each time they told me to only correct the low frequencies. It sounds better to me in well treated rooms. So much so that after a demo I also purchased Dirac which can actually correct a specified region.

In fact in the pro acoustics world it is considered to be a disadvantage to correct frequencies from mids and up, because those frequencies are so tiny and all over the place, that moving your head only an inch or a couple of centimeters will completely break the whole "fix".

However a B&K type overall tilt curve is ok by most acousticians, because it just tilts the whole frequency range, it doesnt make a lot of micro corrections! Both Sonarworks and Dirac has this option, but Dirac will only apply tilt to the corrected region, while Sonarworks does it fullrange. 

My hope, or wish is that Sonarworks will allow to set the range of the correction, like you can in Dirac, while also allowing fullrange B&K/ Tilt! With this, it would be perfect for me, and preferable to Dirac.


With Dirac I can quickly switch presets, and jump between fullrange and only bass correction. Keeping it only in the bass region sounds much more natural and detailed here. The fullrange sounds like there is a layer of cardboard over the speakers in comparison. Muddying or transients, and it sounds almost like some kind of slight digitally compressed like mp3 etc.  The same experience was clear when A/B'ing Sonarworks with Dirac bass only.


With Dirac correction I try to not go higher then 300Hz.


For reference my room measures well withing the pro standards before any correction. The room is 25m2, and is completely treated. Its designed and tuned with assistence from acousticians Bogic Petrovic, and Ethan Winer.

The speakers are "high end" with super details, and fullrange. D/A is "high end" aswell.

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