Microphone profile for my XREF 20 doesn't exist...?


I am trying to download my microphone profile, but the website says it doesn't exist.


Official comment

If a microphone profile is missing or the Measure software presents an error message when loading the profile, there can potentially be a local storage issue with the profile. Other causes are also possible (such as server maintenance, etc.). If getting stuck with such an issue, proceed as follows:

  1. For SoundID Reference, follow the instructions in this article: Microphone calibration profile download error 304
  2. Download the profile on our website here, and load it manually in the Measure app using the 'Different measurement microphone' option
  3. If nothing helps, submit a request here - our Support Team will resolve the issue in a timely manner

Same problem here! "Profile doesn't exist"...

Incresing or decreasing the serial number returns a calibration file... Strange...


There are some mic IDs, where the third character is not a "1" but an "I".   


Same issue. Quite frustrating 

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