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Hi, I'm demoing the Sonarworks Speaker Calibration with Cubase 7 on OSX 10.8.5 at the moment. On a project with a few fabfilter and UAD plugins, i get problems with the latency. when i turn on the Sonarworks plugin it sounds like ie every bass drum has a slight Attack Curve or FadeIn. The problem is less when i reduce the latency of the sonarworks plugin, but i dont want to do that during mixing because of the linear phase eq.

are you aware of this problem or is this normal or does another plugin cause this?



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Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your message and question! Pre-ringing on lower frequencies is a natural side-effect with a Linear phase filter, if the correction has sharp boosts at certain frequencies - you might experience this pre-ringing side-effect.

We've included three filter types in our plugin, so the user can choose the best for him.

Mixed phase setting brings together the best of Minimum phase an Linear phase settings and is the default choice for most mixing and mastering use cases.
It delivers clear and accurate sound at an affordable 20ms latency.

Min filter phase setting ensures minimum latency of the plugin(approx 1.1ms) thus making it accessible for live tracking applications.
To ensure the minimum possible latency, this setting increases the CPU load of the plug-in.
As a natural property of minimum phase filters, this filter setting slightly changes the phase response of the signal which you can see when selecting the "Filter phase" curve under the "add" curves selector.

Linear phase setting guarantees linearity of the filter phase, thus delivering ultimately clear and accurate sound at a cost of approx. 60ms latency.

Most of the time, this is the best setting to use when adjusting the overall spectral balance of your music. It is important to be aware that depending on the specific filter profile, this setting could introduce some pre-ringing to bass frequencies. While this is hardly audible when listening to the overall spectral balance of a song, you should be aware of this possibility when working on solo drum tracks.

Hope this helps and clears things up! We're always working on improving our Reference products.

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