Not planned

I'm using AudioHijack and Pedalboard to use your plugin on my main outs of both PC and Mac. Can you have your own solution to do this? Far better than just having it in my DAW as an end plugin.
It works but latency is a pain.


Official comment

Hi Richard,

Thank you for you interest and feedback! We are indeed working on several new products and a solution for system-wide calibration. We'll notify and update everyone on our web presence once we're ready to share it with the world!


There are no plans for AudioHijack or Pedalboards in particular, however, there are a bunch more partnerships and direct integration projects already launched and available, with many more coming. It is now possible to export and upload your calibration profile to various devices, platforms, and even third-party software tools: 

We have a bunch more in the works, so this list will grow rapidly. Keep in mind that Profile Export is a feature available in SoundID Reference only (not in Reference 4).

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