I would appreciate if you could automate the plugin from within your Daw. It would be very nice to be able to flick the mono switch with a controller or keyboard button, switch from speaker calibration to headphone etc. Can this be added pretty please ? :Þ


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Thanks for the request!

We're already working on this. Automation options will be expanded in the upcoming versions of the plugin.


Hi Viesturs, that is awesome news.

It will really take this great piece of software to new heights and make it more accessible to the user. Very much looking forward to being able to assign the mono button to a controller, thank you :)


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No problem!


+1 for that feature !



Yes please!

Will be great to be able to assign Bypass / Latency / Mono switches to MIDI.


Would be very nice that i can map the speaker simulation and flat curve to my Faderport with the foot switch to instantly switch and have an overview of how it sound on other speakers. I strongly suggest that all parameter be automatable/Controllable.

Thanks in advance


It has been almost a year since you said you were working on it, but it has not been implemented yet. Any news regarding this request?

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Hey all,

We plan to add this feature in Reference 4, which should be out and available by the end of the year.


Indrikis awesome to hear! Your software has revolutionized my mixes, I love it to bits and will support you guys til the bitter end. Pretty much everytime I have a discussion about acoustic treatment I end up recommending your software. It really is amazing.


quick question I am in reference 4 but cant seem to automate anything. in studio one I don't see any options when i go into my automation parameters was it ever added.


For what I can see... there is "calibration bypass", "mono mode" and "plugin mode" (witch seems to be barely usefull), that's it!


I am with Jerry Mateo on this one. Even in Studio One 5 you cannot assign any midi controller to sonarworks reference. You can automate those few parameters. But that is rather useless, the control link feature of S1 needs to see them, so that those parameters can be linked to controllers.. 


Hey Daniel,

What would be the scenario you would wish to employ the automation?


@Chris Thanks for asking. My main point is that you cannot link any of the automatable parameters of Reference 4 to a MIDI controller in Studio One right now. In Studio One you do this per "Control Link", as Presonus are calling this feature. You may read about it here if you don't know it:

If I try to link the parameters as described there, S1 doesn't recognize that I clicked a button or moved a fader in the Reference plugin. Of course it works correctly with other plugins, so it is not me...

But I gave up on using Sonarworks Reference in Studio One. They introduced a new Listenbus in version 5, they are even promoting it as solution for room correction plugins. But it is worthless if you use profiles for headphones and speakers. Now I build myself a solution on Windows where I use 3 macro keys on my Corsair K95 keyboard: Headphones solo, Speakers solo, Sonarworks on/off. It "only" takes:
- An audio interface with loopback option (like my RME HDSPe) => Sends the audio from S1 to Reaper
- Reaper => Is always running in the background with two tracks. 1x for the headphones profile, 1x for speakers. I can toggle Solo between them (each has its own audio output device) and set all FX on/off by 3 MIDI commands in total. 
- A computer keyboard with programmable macro keys => sends MIDI commands per sendMIDI to loopMIDI, which sends it to Reaper
- Eventghost => Starts Reaper minimized at startup. 






Thank you Daniel!

While it might not be possible to subject the parameters for automation, MIDI mapping should be possible. What version of Studio One are you currently running?


Hello Chris,

it is in fact the other way around: Automation is possible for bypass, calibration byp, Mono monitoring and Plugin mode (could be more of course), but not the MIDI mapping. It is reproducable with V4 and V5. And I think I also tried with Reaper and did not succeed. But I am not that familiar with MIDI mapping in Reaper, so it could have been my fault. 



Hi Daniel, thanks for your input, and apologies for the delay in approval time!

Yes, this is only available for hard-bypass within the given DAW MIDI mapping functionality. Advanced MIDI mapping for Reference is currently only available for the Systemwide app, not for the plugin. You can actually take advantage if you use the Systemwide app as your DAW output. More on that here: MIDI mapping in Systemwide

MIDI mapping for the plugin might be possible for the next major release, but not within Reference 4. 

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