MiniDSP implementation

Not planned


Official comment

There are no plans for MiniDSP in particular, however, there are a bunch more partnerships and direct integration projects already launched and available, with many more coming. It is now possible to export and upload your calibration profile to various devices, platforms, and even third-party software tools: 

We have a bunch more in the works, so this list will grow rapidly. Keep in mind that Profile Export is a feature available in SoundID Reference only (not in Reference 4).


Hi Bardamu,

Thank you for your interest! We have experimented with the MiniDSP, but the process of implementing our correction data in such a unit involves complicated procedures. If you wish we can pursue this if you contact us here


I also support this idea. Nice platform.


+1 for miniDSP version and a version to run on Sonic Core Scope or RME Totalmix


I am also supporting this as Sonarworks is limited to computer playback. I am using Sonarworks in my home studio but I'm also using miniDSP in my home system.

It would be super sweat to be able to get the same result for "leisure listening" via speakers or headphones (especially) in my living room as well.

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