Sonarworks for UA


It would be amazing to have this plugin for my UA Apollo. I currently route everything through my Apollo for monitoring and the ability to correct my room while listening to everything rather than just Pro Tools would be amazing.




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Hi Reubin,

Thanks a lot for the request! We have considered this and might get in touch with UA in the future. I'm afraid though that this is not a top priority for us at the moment.


I second that emotion. This would be great! 


Hi Viesturs - has any progress been made on this yet? UA Apollo interfaces are one of the market leaders, so I was a bit astonished to find out that you don't appear to support this platform?


would love that too!


I'd put a thumbs up for that ;)



A hardware unit would solve ua monitoring problem as well😉


Hi Glibert, 

Definitely, a standalone hardware is in the cards for future development. For our UA users - the problem here is that native integration will need to be a collaboration project. We are totally up for this, but we'll need to work together with UA to accomplish this.

They are a huge company however, with their own road map planning for future development efforts - I'm afraid we're not exactly on the top of their priority list. The best we can do as UA users is to inquire them directly - if enough requests are coming in their user support channels, that will definitely help Sonarworks to move up in that priority list. Many thanks!

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