Reference 4 crashing between media player and daw

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I have to restart the audio playback engine every time I switch between my DAW and my media player. For some reason it's not following the sample rate just bought this last year hopefully you guys are going to fix it

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This issue was already communicated with Jason in a support request, but just to keep everyone else in the loop - a fix for this is not coming, unfortunately. Reference 4 development cycle has ended (fully discontunued in 2021 and no longer supported), and there will be no updates for this product. More details here: Reference 4 support status

If anyone else is encountering this issue though, I can recommend switching between the WASAPI and ASIO output modes. Chances are, the issue is present in only one of the driver modes, so using the alternative mode should resolve the problem. See here: ASIO/WASAPI output modes in Reference 4 Systemwide [WIN]

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