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Support status update for Reference 4 products

With the latest Reference 4 version updates (4.4.9; 4.4.10), we've introduced full support for Windows 11 and macOS 12 Monterey operating systems. This is the final major update for Reference 4, which closes the active development cycle for Reference 4 products (2017-2022). Active support will still be carried out until March 2023, after which Reference 4 will be fully discontinued. After that, critical maintenance will still be attended to (maintaining Reference 4 download, activation, and user account systems).


Our professional Reference product line continues with a brand new flagship product SoundID Reference, released in March 2021. Learn more here.


Most common questions answered

Will there be any support maintained for Reference 4?

Yes, after the official product expiry (March 2023), we are committing to still maintain the basic functionality: installer downloads, activation, and user account systems (similar to how Reference 3 is still available for the respective owners). Setup guides, troubleshooting, and other FAQ content will still be available in our Support Center. 


Which operating systems is Reference 4 compatible with?


  • PC: Windows 7; 8; 10; 11
  • MAC: macOS 10.9; 10.10; 10.11; 10.12; 10.13; 10.14; 10.15, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey


NOTE! The exact component, bitness, and compatible operating system details vary for different versions of Reference 4. View the full component & compatibility matrix here


Where can I download the latest Reference 4 update?

Download and install Reference 4 from or Download Center here.


Does Reference 4 feature native support for Apple Silicon?

No, Reference 4 works on Apple M-series devices via the Rosetta translation environment. Native support for Apple Silicon is available for the latest SoundID Reference, learn more here.


Where can I find FAQ content for Reference 4?

Setup guides, license & activation instructions, and troubleshooting content is available in the Reference 4 section of our Support Center here.


What are my upgrade options for SoundID Reference?

  • Available upgrade paths & instructions here.
  • Your upgrade options can also be viewed in your Sonarworks Account (make sure you have your Reference 4 license registered as shown here).

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