Why can't I activate Reference 4 from my Sonarworks Account?

Reference 4 Activation Process

Reference 4 has an in-app activation system in place. This was the best solution we could provide/offer during the Reference 4 product launch.


With the release of Sonarworks Accounts, we have developed a new activation system that works straight from your User Account. Our latest flagship product SoundID Reference has been developed to take advantage of the new activation process. However, there are no plans at the moment to bring the new activation system to Reference 4, so it will remain the same as before. If you're having difficulties with Reference 4 activation, we recommend following this guide: How to activate Reference 4


Sonarworks Account

You can register your Reference 4 activation key with your Sonarworks Account for ease of access and key management. This support guide will help you with the process: Registering a Sonarworks product license

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