Slow frame rate in Logic Pro X with AU plugin

If you are using the Reference 4 AU plugin in Logic Pro X and observing some issues with a slow frame rate, this article provides more details and a solution.


Slow graphical performance issue in Logic Pro X when Reference 4 plugin is engaged

If you are using the Reference 4 AU plugin in Logic Pro X and experiencing the issues listed below, you might be encountering an unusual slow frame rate issue when multiple displays are connected, and the Reference 4 AU plugin is engaged:

  • AU processing performance is normal on the primary screen but becomes sluggish on the secondary screen (where Logic is)
  • Clicking on the On/Off button in the Reference 4 plugin has some latency to it on the secondary screen
  • UI elements, for example, audio signal metering level movement, becomes slow and sluggish


Resolve the issue with macOS color code settings

The issue is connected to display color code settings in macOS, and is not limited to Reference 4 software - any software product using the same code language as Reference 4 plugin can also be subject to this issue. The problem can be resolved following the instructions below:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Display Settings > Color
  2. Select the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 setting for the display
  3. Logic Pro graphical performance should then instantly improve


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