What is the Listening Spot feature?

Listening spot is a feature that compensates for the stereo imbalance. It is implied at the speaker measurement stage and shown as a feature in Reference 4.

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Why is it necessary?

There could be many reasons for the stereo image to be not precise: speakers' placement, furniture layout, a window on one side of your setup, etc. The software will show the amount of imbalance exactly and compensate for it accordingly. The actual sound coming out of the speakers will then be balanced.


Will it sound different?

Having the stereo image corrected after taking the measurements could seem unusual. The new stereo image might feel out of place at first, as it is an unconscious brain reaction, as your hearing would automatically compensate for the stereo image in your room. Therefore, it is likely that the correction will feel incorrect at first, while your ears are adjusting to the corrected stereo image. 


If needed the Listening spot feature can be disabled and this will bring back your default stereo image. However, we recommend using it as intended. Once your hearing adjusts to it, it will start making sense. We also advise spending several listening sessions with reference music first, listening to your favorite tracks using the Reference 4 app. We believe it will help you through the transition process. Please keep in mind that the feature also compensates for Left and Right timing, not only the level differences.

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