Reference 4 compatibility with Windows 11


Reference 4 compatibility with Windows 11

Yes, with the release of Reference 4 version 4.4.10 on Oct 17, 2022, Windows 11 official support has been implemented. The latest version of the Reference 4 installer is available in our Download Center.



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Wow, I am shocked. Just migrated to Windows 11 just to find out Ref4 is not supported.

What a bummer - really inconvenient.

Pls mind that many audio guys will update to AlderLake and as such use WIn11.

Hope you will fix this soon!


Their new product SoundID also does not support Windows 11 at the moment. 

Сompatibility with Windows 11 was scheduled for November 2021, then postponed to December 2021, now to February 2022.

I had absolutely no expectations that Sonarworks would have problems with the new operating system from Microsoft, so I foolishly upgraded to it on the day of the official release. Now I suffer and wait for compatibility.


Hi everyone, thanks for the comments! 


Updating the drivers to be fully compatible with Windows 11 has turned out to be more difficult than originally anticipated. In other words, it is not delayed because we don't consider it important, but rather because the task is complex and it simply takes a while to get it right.


Rest assured, we are working on this as one of our top priorities at the moment, and hopefully, there won't be any further delays. The SoundID Reference driver update will come first, then Reference 4 should follow shortly after. However, we still cannot make any official promises for Reference 4 compatibility on Windows 11. As the article states, news on this is expected in February. 


There is, however, a potential workaround for the current driver, for those struggling to get it running on Windows 11. It is not guaranteed to work, but certainly worth a shot. See detailed instructions in these articles: 





Thanks Karlis you are always saving arses with your 5 Star Support!

I've upgraded on my mixing and also on my Gaming Rig to Windows 11. I've struggled without Sonarworks Reference 4 but with this workaround everything's working as expected (on my Headphones). I will test it on my mixing rig too, it is currently running SoundID!


Thank you Eray, I'm very glad to hear that! 


FYI, with this workaround, there might be an issue at some point after a computer reboot - we have some user reports suggesting that the workaround steps might need to be repeated again after some time.

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