Where can I find my activation key?

If you've purchased a software license from the Sonarworks Store, this guide provides details on where to find your activation key and how to register it in your Sonarworks user account.


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License activation keys

If you purchase Sonarworks software directly from the Sonarworks Store, your license activation key (see the example below) will be delivered to the email address you provided at the purchase. For physical products from third-party sellers, oftentimes the key can be provided in the box physically.

A license activation key (different from a license upgrade code) is a 24-character key, and it is easily recognized in this format:


How to find your activation key

If you are struggling to find your key, you should be able to locate it easily by searching for keywords like Sonarworks licenses, Sonarworks order, and Sonarworks Store in your email history.

IMPORTANT! If you have purchased your license from a third-party seller, you will have to contact the seller for lost license issues. Our support team will still be able to help in most cases, however, the responsibility of solving such issues is no longer with Sonarworks when it comes to third-party product sales.


License details delivery email

The license delivery email with your activation key should look like this:




Registering your Reference 4 activation key

To fully employ your Reference 4 licenses and make use of the software you will have to register the activation key in your user account. If you haven't yet created one, you will find more information on how to set it up in this article.


IMPORTANT! Having purchased and activated Reference 4 software in the past does not create a user account automatically. If you're trying to log in and your email address is not being recognized, you likely haven't created a user account yet. Similarly, if you haven't manually added your activation key to the account, it won't be present there.

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