How to manage Reference 4 license

If you own a Reference 4 license, you can register it in your Sonarworks user account for safe-keeping, to upgrade it, and to manage activated devices.


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Sonarworks license registration

To begin, please make sure you have registered a Sonarworks Account: Creating a new Sonarworks user account. Once a product license has been registered, you will get an option to download or activate your software on a computer in use.


  1. Log into your Sonarworks Account
  2. Click on the Register a new license button
  3. Enter your product license key



License management

Sonarworks product license can be used on up to three computers at the same time. If needed, the license can be managed and a previously used computer can be removed to free the activation seat for a new computer where the license will be used.


  1. Log into your Sonarworks Account
  2. Click on the Manage button under your product license
  3. Deactivate one of the computers from the list
  4. Confirm the action by clicking on the Deactivate button one more time



Deactivation limits

There is a deactivation limit in place in order for the system not to be abused: 7 deactivation events. When the limit is reached it will show up in your user account. After that, any further device deactivation can only be done by our support team manually (submit a support request below).

IMPORTANT! Reinstalling the operating system on your machine or replacing major hardware components (motherboard, hard drive, etc.) can cause it to be recognized as a new computer by the software. Thus, it will require to be activated again, using a new activation seat. 



License removal

If needed a product license can be completely removed from the Sonarworks Account. We recommend writing down or saving your license as a text document as the license details can be easily lost once the license is removed from the Sonarworks Account.


  1. Login to your Sonarworks Account
  2. Click on the Remove button under your product license
  3. Confirm the action by clicking on the Remove button one more time



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I love the product but the user management is absolutely atrocious. I have no idea where to find my licence or activate it on a new device.

There is next to no user support.

Why is the support SO bad?


Hey Gary, 

We appreciate your feedback!
However, I see that you haven't submitted any support requests with this account since June of 2020.
I will create a ticket from your comment, so a support agent can look at your case.


Hello. I ask you to deactivate all 3 devices that I have activated. After updating the hardware, I installed Windows 10 from scratch and cannot activate True-Fi. Has reached the limit for deactivating devices! Moreover, the program is activated on this PC, but after reinstalling from scratch it asks again!

id #94800



Cannot reactivate Sonarworks studio edition permanent

It keeps telling me with red box licence is already being used .

Also where the tag is it says go to shop , it should say activate




all the best



All cases above have been resolved in individual support tickets. Thanks for commenting! 


Hello. I have already activated the product on my laptop and in my main session it runs perfectly, but when creating a new user on the same device it asks me to register again. I imagine it must be a bug in the program and I do not want to enter my activation code again for fear of losing one of my 3 licenses. Please your urgent help. Thanks


Hey Pablo, thanks for reaching out! It will be necessary to activate the software in the second user account, but only a single activation seat will be used since it will be recognized as the same machine. 

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