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Reference 4 products are discontinued and no longer supported. For more details on Reference 4 support status, see here.

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  1. Eligibility
  2. How to apply for a Warranty return?
  3. What will happen to my request?



Products bought in Sonarworks store are a subject of 2-year warranty policy.
individual calibration service is an exception to this and the warranty does not apply to it.

This means that if you have found a fault in the product or the item doesn’t adhere to the product description you can request a Warranty procedure to be initiated. The Warranty would, however, be void in cases of product abuse. A lack of software features that were introduced after the initial purchase would also not be a legitimate argument for a warranty request.

If the product works fine and you wish to employ the 14-day Right O
f Withdrawal policy, you can read more about it here.


How to apply for a Warranty return?

To request Warranty service, create a support ticket here.
When doing so, include the following information in your query:

  1. Order number
  2. Description of the fault
  3. When the fault was first observed


IMPORTANT! Sonarworks does not process warranty requests for purchases that have been made through our resellers. In such cases, you should approach your vendor directly.


What will happen to my request?

After you have made a warranty request a support employee will reach out to you. They will help you troubleshoot the product to ascertain whether the fault can be fixed remotely and without causing any additional issues. If it can not, you will be guided on what to do next.


When a legitimate fault is indeed confirmed for a hardware item, a courier pick up for the product will be arranged. Once in Sonarworks HQ, we will ascertain further means of mending the issue. Possible actions taken can be:

  • Replacement 
  • Repair
  • Reimbursement - If replacement or repair is not viable


When eligibility is determined for a hardware item, the customer service agent will ask for a preferred pickup address and a phone number so that a courier could reach out to you.

A complete resolution of the issue should normally take around a month. This may vary depending on external factors like delivery time discrepancies, customs processes, etc.


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