Reference 4 compatibility with Apple M-series devices

This article explains the Reference 4 software compatibility with Apple M-series devices (Apple silicon).


In this article:

  1. Is Reference 4 compatible with the new Apple silicon M-series chips?
  2. Is native support for Apple silicon coming to Reference 4? 




Is Reference 4 compatible with the new Apple silicon M-series chips?

Reference 4 is working on Apple silicon computers through the Rosetta translation environment. Our tests with Reference 4 on M-series machines suggest an acceptable performance with no major issues through Rosetta. 


Is native support for Apple silicon coming to Reference 4? 

No, native support for Apple silicon won't be featured in Reference 4, as the product was discontinued in 2020, and all active development stopped in 2021.


Native support for Apple silicon is available in SoundID Reference, which is the current version of the Reference product line: SoundID Reference compatibility with Apple M-series devices


For more details on Reference 4 support status and system requirements, visit these articles:


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Is there any way to get updates regarding when the compatible version is released?


The 4.4.7 update with Big Sur support will probably be released later this week (if there are no unexpected issues). You will be notified about the update with an in-app notification :))



Hi Karlis, any update on the availability of 4.4.7? Is it feasible to expect a release this week? Thanks, M. 


Michael Jungbluth, the full release might be postponed to early next week, cannot say for sure at the moment. But no later than next week for sure.


Also, there will be no further build iterations for this release, so the current v4.4.7.37 Beta is the one that will be released (follow the instructions for installing Beta in the article above). Thank you!


Thank you very much! Highly appreciated!



I'm running the latest official (not beta anymore) version of Sonarworks (4.4.7, build 38) on my M1 Mac Mini. 

Systemwide works as expected, but the Sonarworks measurement app just killed one of my Neumann monitors! So BE VERY CAREFUL with this software, at least on M1 macs. 

Everything was going as expected. It completed around 20 of the measurement points without any issues, until suddenly the test signal jumped to a much higher volume. My right monitor was rescued by it's limiter it seems, my left one sadly died.

I'll be stuck with only one monitor for quite some time now + who knows what the repair will cost me. It's hard to trust the Sonarworks measurement process from now on. 


Do you have any news on when M1 compatibility might be available? Still having daily Kernal Panics with 4.4.7. (no longer Beta)
Many thanks,


Hey Tim, 

Thank you for your feedback!
While the 4.4.7 runs fine on some systems with Rosetta, we haven't yet done enough testing to confirm full support with the M1 processor.
Can't say for sure, without more information, whether your issue is related to the processor itself.

I have created a ticket frme your comment and a support agent will follow up to investigate shortly!


Can you explain why the Reference 4 update to Big Sur links to the trial version of Sound ID? I'm now finding that Systemwide won't start on my iMAC and isn't avaiable as an output option. Are we being forced to use Sound ID? I can't find any information on whether this upgrade will cost extra and I'm concerned as I only bought Reference 4 6 months ago and don't want to go through the process of recalibrating for new software.


Hi Nick,

Yes, it is a payed upgrade. I can assure you, however, that we are not forcing any updates on anyone and we still support Reference 4.

I saw your issue has been resolved in communication with our Support team, by re-downloading the latest update for Big Sur, rebooting and relaunching Reference 4 Systemwide. That's great!

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