MIDI mapping in Systemwide

The MIDI mapping feature in Reference 4 Systemwide allows you to map parameters and control the app via an external MIDI device. 

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MIDI mapping

The MIDI mapping feature is available in Reference versions 4.4.2 and later. It currently allows you to control the following options:

  • Preset selection

  • Bypass button

  • Mono mode


How to use MIDI mapping feature

To start using this feature you first have to assign MIDI controls to the features you wish to control.

There are two ways to access MIDI mapping mode depending on the option in question.

1. Dropdown menu
Calibration Presets


2. Right-click selection
Bypass button
Mono mode


After you have selected the Map MIDI option a new window will open and the software will listen to active MIDI signal to assign to the feature you wish to control.

Once Systemwide has recognized the MIDI control, it will then show up its designation and provide the option to save it.


Now that mapping has been saved, Systemwide will be able to call upon the chosen feature the next time it receives this MIDI input.

Resetting MIDI maps

You can reset all previously configured mapping by accessing the general Systemwide settings through the dropdown menu on the top right corner. 
Once in general settings page simply click on the "erase all MIDI mappings" button.Screenshot_2020-01-30_at_10.56.39.png

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It would be really nice to also map the output gain. This way i can use my behringer xtouch one also as volume know during operation outside my DAW


Hi Daniel, 


Sounds reasonable - I've taken note and forwarded your request to the product managers and developers! Although, I won't be able to make any promises for an actual implementation. Many thanks!


Hi Kārlis,

Thanks for your response. Will see what happens. While they are at it there are probably also other nice mappings to think of. What also would help me it to trigger the "Restart audio playback engine" or toggle mono.


Why "Restart audio playback engine", after 8 hour of use or so sonar needs a reset and starts messing up the signal.


It would be amazing to have a feedback mechanism to query which setting is active.
For an example, this way I could highlight buttons on a stream deck based on which preset is active.
Currently there is now way to tell - I can switch to a preset using midi, but looking at the midi controller, I don't know which preset is active at the moment.

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