“Couldn't migrate settings” alert

When updating Reference Systemwide to a newer version (or downgrading to a previous version), there can be cases when the software is unable to migrate the DSP settings, presets and user preferences from the previous version to the new one. 


If you have received an alert that informs you that Systemwide “Couldn't migrate settings”, the software has moved the file that stores the information to a different folder and created a new file. This means that all settings have been changed to their default values and you have to create a new preset to calibrate your audio.


All the settings are stored in Systemwidecfg.db file in the following location:

Windows: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Sonarworks\Reference 4\Systemwide\Systemwidecfg.db
macOS: ~/Library/Sonarworks/Reference 4/Systemwide/Systemwidecfg.db


Please note that AppData folders on Windows and User Library folders on Mac are hidden by default. 

If the file is incompatible with your current Systemwide version, it is moved to OldConfig folder.

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