Systemwide doesn't launch after update

Systemwide not launching after an update is an issue that can happen on both macOS and Windows operating systems. Usually, it is caused by settings that can't be migrated between the old and the new Systemwide version.


Resolving the settings migration issue

To solve the problem please find and delete the Systemwidecfg.db file in the following location:


C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Sonarworks\Reference 4\Systemwide\Systemwidecfg.db





~/Library/Sonarworks/Reference 4/Systemwide/Systemwidecfg.db


Please note that both the AppData folder on Windows and User Library folder on Mac are hidden by default.


Once you find the file, remove it from the folder or delete it. Systemwide should launch after this action.

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Doesn't work for me.



Just did the update on MacOS (10.12.6) on systemwide and it's simply not starting.
It was working like a charm until yesterday.
I looked up for the file you mention but there's NOWHERE in the Library,
only found the Reference 4 app and it's enclosing contents but the file you mention is nowhere.

What can I do? Im in the middle of an album mix and it's catastrophic.

Thanks a lot,

Bob Katsionis


I`ve have the same problem with te update on my MacOS Sierra.

I tried this solution but I does not work. I`ve submit a request ticket but still no answer.

What can I do?

Thx. Lucio.



Sadly the Reference update has caused a seemingly macOS Sierra exclusive launch failure issue.
We are currently investigating the cause of this issue and will provide information on a possible solution once one is available.
A temporary fix would be reverting to an earlier version of Reference 4.

You can download it from this link-

Make sure that you have completely uninstalled the more current version of Reference 4 software before reverting.
Here is how to do it - How to uninstall Reference 4 [Mac]

You might be contacted by our support staff in regard to this problem!


Hi all!


The additional issue of Systemwide not launching on macOS 10.12 Sierra machines has been solved! The fix for this is already available in a new Beta version. See instructions for installing the latest Beta here: Reference 4 Beta software releases.


I'm on Windows 10, just updated to the latest version of Reference 4 and having a similar issue. Reference 4 attempts to load at startup (powering on or restarting the computer) but fails to launch. I can however manually open Reference 4 and it works fine after that. I'm not sure if it's related, but I tried the fix described above and it had no effect.


This wouldn't be too terrible in and of itself, but since it partially loads at startup, Windows switches to Reference 4 for system output but won't pass any audio because Reference 4 fails to fully load and crashes. So Windows is stuck attempting to feed audio to a program that is no longer running. In other words, my machine will not pass any system audio UNTIL I either manually start Reference 4 or manually change the audio output settings in Windows itself. This has been tough on my workflow since I frequently restart my computer for performance when working on or switching between large audio projects.


Hi Stephen, 


Thanks for the comment here! I can see that the issue is still ongoing and the support thread is still open. We will try to escalate the issue to development again. 


For anybody else encountering something similar, Stephens' established workaround does the trick: disabling the 'Launch on startup' option in Systemwide settings, and launching it manually instead:



It works, but it also removes all your presets, which means you have to start the tedious process of calibrating all over again. 


Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your comment! 

To clarify, by removing the Systemwidecfg.db file, the user configurations for Systemwide app will be reset to default, this will not delete the speaker calibration files you've created or the headphone calibration profiles. The presets in the systemwide app would have to be created again, though. 


OK so. If you're having trouble finding the file make sure you start from "GO" up at the top with finder and select "library", and if you scroll down in that first folder that pops up you should see a folder called "sonarworks" once in that folder you should see "sound ID reference" that's how I was able to find the "systemwide" file they are talking about. Once I removed it I was able to use the app again as normal. Hope this helps!


Hey @Ciro Reyes, glad to hear you were able to locate the folder for SoundID Reference as well! 

For anyone else looking for the systemwide.cfg file for SoundID Reference, take a look at our guide here: Deleting the config file in SoundID Reference standalone app 

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