Offline Activation

If you're working on a computer without internet access, you can easily activate your Reference software offline too! Offline activation can also be used in case the regular activation method is not working for any reason (server maintenance, for example).


Launch the Systemwide app and click on the SW logo to open the license information window (or click on 'Activate your license' if you're launching the software for the first time). Click on 'Add product license' and proceed with 'Offline Activation'. From here, generate an activation request file and save in on your computer:


Once you have generated the .swinfo request file, bring it over to an online computer using a portable storage device (flash drive / USB stick) and proceed to our offline activation web page here. Enter your details along with your activation key and upload the request file to submit. You will then get an activated license file in return, to use on your offline computer - download the .swlic license file. Go back to the offline activation window on your offline computer and import the license file:



IMPORTANT: Offline activation can also be done in the Reference plugin as well as the Measure app. The activation window might look different across different software modules/versions. However, access to the offline activation window generally remains the same: SW icon > Add product license > Offline Activation






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