Measure app crashes or displays a white-screen

The Measure app crash can happen upon launching the app or during the measurement process. This is often case caused by some third-party drivers. This article provides more details and how to fix the issue.

Third-party drivers

There are some known issues caused by third-party drivers like some versions of JACK driver from JACK Audio Connection Kit are known to install the 32-bit dll file when installing the 64-bit ASIO driver. This can cause the 64-bit Measure software to crash. 


Uninstalling the JACK driver will solve this issue. If you want to keep using Jack, it is possible to just remove it from the 64bit ASIO registry. This can be done by opening Registry Editor (Windows key + type in Regedit) and copying this path in -  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO 
and deleting the 64-bit driver from the location. 


Another known issue is caused by ASIO DirectX Duplex Driver. If using Measure software you get a blank screen after loading your microphone profile, please try moving the Measure app window to check if there isn't another warning window behind the Measure software window (see the image below). If so, please untick the 'Show This Alert Next Time' box and click OK. This should fix your issue. 




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In my case it was a Novation ASIO driver that I remooved from the registry. I did not even know it was living there. I don't actually have it in Programs and features list.


i was getting a blue screen everytime i launched the SoundID Reference Measure and clicked next after ticking the 4 tick boxes (phantom etc.). what helped me was quitting the SoundID Reference in my task bar first and shutting down focusrite notifier and denon ds1 in task manager - details. not sure which one of those helped but after that i didnt get the blue screen and was able to measure my room.

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