"High noise levels detected" warning

If you get a 'High noise levels detected' warning when adjusting microphone sensitivity, please increase your speaker volume and decrease the microphone sensitivity level on your audio interface.

Please be careful when doing this as it is possible to damage your speakers if you turn up the volume too much. Also, make sure that your microphone input is not routed directly to your speaker outputs (Direct monitoring) on your audio interface as this can cause feedback and interfere with the measuring process.

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I cannot get past the 'high noise levels detected' warning and I've followed the instructions to the letter. Direct monitoring is off, I've adjusted both the input gain and speaker volume respectively, the windows and door are closed and the room is quiet. No matter what I do, I always get the warning.


Hi James, thanks for the comment and apologies for the lag in moderation time here! 


After quite an extensive troubleshooting and TeamViewer remote access sessions, James's XREF 20 mic was actually concluded to be faulty - there was a grounding issue with the mic! The problem was solved simply by sending a replacement unit. 


For anyone else wondering about this, I should mention that a faulty microphone is an incredibly rare instance. The individual calibration process that every single XREF 20 mic unit goes through is very thorough. During that process, the mics are triple-checked for any possible faults, so having a faulty mic leave our headquarters is very rare - only a small handful of mics have ever been concluded to be faulty after they have left the building. 


In other words, almost all cases of the 'High noise level detected' in Measure will be caused by a different problem, not a mic fault. 


hola como puedo desactivar el monitoreo directo de apollo twin ?? gracias 


Hi @yeahmusicproduction,

Thanks for your comment!

In the UAD Console app, please try turning the microphone input channel's fader down to zero. I can also recommend checking out our support guide on direct monitoring here: Why am I getting feedback when I'm trying to calibrate my speakers? 

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