Where can I download the latest version of Reference 4 software?

You can download the latest version of Reference 4 software from here.

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This upgrade procedure is awful flakey.


I would be really helpful if you showed the version number of the current software version so we could tell if we have the latest version or not.  I don't want to download and re-install just to find out I already had the latest version!  Also, the installer should have the version number as part of the file name.  I like to keep the last several version of software in case I have any problems and want to roll-back to a previous version.


I thought I had installed the latest version and it uninstalled everything except for Reference 4 Measure. Really wish you would have a login prompt on the main Sonarwork's page and also have individual user accounts that we could download our purchases from. That would make things much easier.

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