Can I calibrate multiple sets of speakers?

Yes, you can. You will need to measure each system separately and load the respective profile in the plug-in/Systemwide for the set you are going to use.

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I am waiting for Sonarworks to have the ability to load multiple calibration profiles before I buy it. I was using the IK Multimedia ARC2 software with Cubase 8.x which allowed me to load multiple instances with different calibration profile settings in the control room section of Cubase.  

Unfortunately now with Cubase 9, there is some sort of bug that will not allow me to load ARC2. IK,  can't figure it out. Steinberg says it's an IK problem. So I'm SOL for now.

In most pro studios there are at least a couple of different sets of monitors to reference your mixes from. You must be able to A/B in a mixing or mastering situation. 2016 has come an gone.



As a proud user, I can assure you that you can do that. There is a dropdown menu to easely switch between profiles. Each instance of the plug-in can use a different profile. For instance, I have two monitor pairs and a custom calibrated HD650 headphone. Three plug-ins loaded all the time to calibrate all of them constantly. I simlpy switch outputs to compare, as I would normally do.


Even if Dave is right that it is "possible" as he described (it's not really a "dropdown menu", it's just a "select-file-window"), it's not an "easy-switching-solution" as it was promised for 2016. Just got my Sonarworks Calibration Suite and was a little bit disappointed that it's not ready yet. Please Sonarworks give us the easy switch!


Thank you Ivo.

I am about to buy this to replace IK Multimedia ARC2.  In my DAW (Cubase Pro) I am able to insert any plugin into the any speaker selection output within the control room monitor section. This allows for multiple speaker outs with different settings.

Are you saying that with Sonarworks I will not be able to have 3 different instances with 3 different file curves running at the same time?





Hey Angelo!

As Dave described it's possible to load as many different instances with different file curves as you want. So it's no problem to do it like this. You just have to activate/deactivate the instance you need/don't need. Works fine. For me it's "ok" but not very comfortable.

BUT I just tried the "Systemwide" upgrade ( and that's the solution for me. It's just a little application in your menu and it has exactly this "easy-switch-drop-down-menu" i need. The only downside thing is that it has a little bit more latency than the plugins. But because I'm just producing digital inside my DAW with no inputs this is no problem. Here some further interesting infos:


Sorry guys for the "dropdown" confusion, Ivo is right : even if it looks like a dropdown menu, it actually triggers an open file window. BUT you can easily work around that by using presets within a DAW and switch between them using any external command you want. Or even use the old VSTHost little piece of software, for instance. Of course, having this kind of features directly would be better. Which seem to be planned for the end of the year... 


Come on Sonarworks - this "easy switch" feature between profiles has been promised for AGES now, so where is it? I am constantly switching between different speakers and headphones and it's currently not an easy workflow. This multiple-step switching process becomes quite aggravating after a while.

This is a very simple feature that should be very easy to implement, it would make the product SO much better!


I agree with everyone else here. Not having a super quick and easy way to switch between speakers is a SERIOUS DRAG! Why has this not been implemented since day 1?


With cubase, I don't know. The way I do with Pro Tools is having 3 output tracks (2 set of speakers + 1 headphone), so 3 instances of Ref4

these 3 tracks are always fed by the mix, and sent to my monitor controller, where I select what I want to listen to.

If you don't have a monitor controller, just mute/unmute the track you want to hear. Obviously, the headphone track is always open so it is easier.

I think this way of doing it is even easier than any plugin options, because you don't have to open the plugin and switch, you can do it instantly from your mixer view.


Hi guys, Karl here from SW support team!

Yes, we are aware of this problem and we will be working on a redesigned version for quicker access to profiles and user presets, as well as better automation and user friendliness in general.

I'm afraid we cannot promise anything for the next/near future update, but we will definitely be looking into this!


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