Using a third-party microphone calibration file

You can use your own omnidirectional measurement microphone with a calibration profile. To do so, you will need to convert your calibration file so our measurement software can import it.


Converting your microphone calibration file

Calibration files are usually supplied in formats like .cal or .txt. Open up this file with any text editor and remove anything that is not the values for Frequency Response and Magnitude.


You also don't need any title, description, and ending texts in your file, so make sure they are deleted. Once there are only the values for FR and Magnitude left, save this file as a .txt file and our measurement software will be able to read it.


Please make sure that you use periods instead of commas for the values of Frequency Response and Magnitude. 


Text file before editing:


Text file after editing:


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On Mac OSX, you also have to make sure that the txt file is encoded in MS DOS text format and not the default MAC OS text formatting. You can change the text formatting using word, but not using the default mac text editor.


@Mcguireryan Thank you very much, Your tip made it work. Small but vital detail.



My EMM-6 calibration file had a header, but Reference didn't refuse it, should I consider it ok or the measurement could have suffered from this?

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You can try and see if the calibration curve changes with and without the header. We've found that it does not matter, but your mileage might vary. If the curve stays the same, your measurements are fine!


I use the Dayton Audio Emm-6 as measuremente mic,with its own calibration file. I have always used it with Reference 3 Measure with no issue. Now i have to modify the calibration text file to use it with Measure 4 but the software always tells me that there is a problem with my file, I tried to follow the instructions on the site with no luck


hi, same problem here, the calibration profile of dayton emm6 does not work anymore with reference 4


Another thing to try if you're still having issues importing on Windows..

Use Notepad++ to change the end of line characters from CR to CR LF:

Click Edit > EOL Conversion > Windows (CR LF)


where can I get that .txt file to edit it with my ECM8000?


You should explain when is it you can input the mic profile. I thought it was on the first step with the button that say "load profile", when in fact it was a couple of steps later.

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