Sonarworks XREF 20 Measurement Microphone and calibration profiles

Where can I download the microphone calibration profile? Sonarworks XREF 20 Measurement Microphone, specifications, user manuals, calibration profiles, and profile downloads explained. 


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Note: This article applies to Sonarworks XREF 20 Measurement Microphone (2015), identified by Profile ID range of 34A001-36K018 in alpha-numerical order. See detailed specifications here: Sonarworks XREF 20 Measurement Microphone (2015) user manual. For other (newer) Sonarworks measurement microphone products with a Profile ID of 36K019 or higher, see these manuals instead: 



Sonarworks XREF 20 Measurement Microphone

Calibrated measurement microphones have been an integral part of Sonarworks speaker calibration technology since the initial release of the Reference product line. Featuring individual calibration profiles, Sonarworks measurement microphones allow for a ±0.9dB measurement accuracy when used with the Reference 4 software.


Sonarworks XREF 20 Measurement Microphone is discontinued and replaced by the SoundID Reference Measurement Microphone. However, it is fully compatible with SoundID Reference (the latest version of the Reference software product line), and can be used as shown here. Sonarworks XREF 20 microphone includes:


  • Measurement Microphone: for Reference 3, Reference 4, SoundID Reference, or third-party software/hardware measurements
  • Microphone Profile: 0°, 30°, and 90° individual microphone calibration profiles


Microphone Profile and Profile ID

The frequency response of each Sonarworks XREF 20 Measurement Microphone has been individually measured, and a Microphone Profile is provided containing the calibration data. The Microphone Profile is associated with a unique Profile ID, printed directly on each microphone unit:


Sonarworks XREF 20 Profile ID.png


Loading the profile in Reference 4 Measure app

For optimal measurement results with the Reference 4 software, the profile must be loaded in the Measure app during the speaker measurement process.

  1. Select the 'Sonarworks XREF 20 Measurement Microphone' option during the "Hardware Setup" stage in the measure app
  2. Enter the microphone Profile ID and click 'Next' to load the profile


Once the Profile ID is entered, (see example below), the profile is applied automatically, see the example shown below. Reference employs the 30° profile.


Note: This functionality requires an active internet connection.



XREF 20 Microphone Profile.png

Microphone profile downloads

For offline use, third-party software/hardware use, or general backup purposes, the microphone profiles can be downloaded as a ZIP archive from the Sonarworks website:

  1. Go to the Sonarworks Downloads page
  2. Navigate to the "Measurement microphone profile downloads" section
  3. Enter the microphone Profile ID and click on 'Download profile'
  4. Extract the downloaded ZIP archive to access the files


Microphone profile downloads.png


The download will contain two files in the Sonarworks-native SWMIC format and three files in TXT file format for third-party use:

  • 30° profile in SWMIC file format
  • 90° profile in SWMIC file format
  • profile in TXT file format
  • 30° profile in TXT file format
  • 90° profile in TXT file format


Offline and third-party use

For Sonarworks-native offline use, the Measure app allows for the microphone profile to be loaded manually, in case there is no internet access on the computer used for the measurements:

  1. Download and extract the profiles as shown above
  2. Transfer the files to the needed computer using a USB flash drive or another method
  3. Click on the 'Different measurement microphone' option during the "Hardware Setup" stage in the Measure app, and click 'Next' to proceed
  4. Click on 'Browse' and select the 30° microphone profile SWMIC file

Different measurement microphone (2).png

Differnet microphone profile - Browse.png


For third-party use, the microphone profiles can be downloaded and employed in TXT file format as described above: Microphone profile downloads.


Note: It is the user's responsibility to resolve any compatibility issues with third-party use of the microphone profiles. Should any issues arise, we recommend consulting the respective third party's legal guidelines, support documentation, customer service, or other available resources. Sonarworks can't guarantee optimal measurement results when used without the microphone profile. 

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Is it possible to use the XREF Profile in other measurement apps in order to make further use of the the mic?

Permanently deleted user

Yes! This is why we provide the 0degree claibration .txt file which you can upload to other software!



I would like to measure my room with XREF 20 on Room EQ Wizard.

I would need a 90 degree calibration file for a flatter response of the whole room. 
Is it true there are no 90 degree calibration files for the Sonarworks mic?


Hi Chris, download link refers to trial version of Reference 4. Where can I download the XREF 20 calibration profile exactly? I'll use it with Room EQ Wizard, but I can't find the file or is it located in Reference 4 folder on local hard disk somewhere after entering serial number of the mic?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Guys!

We don't have a 90° file available, but we might introduce it at some point. The mic files can be downloaded here.


Hi, download works on PC maybe an issue with smartphone. Thanks a lot!!!


I've just checked it on the latest iOS and the download does work for me. Are you running Android, which version? What is the browser you're using?


I can't find the dowanload link of mic profile.The page I opened is different from you sent on June.However, I used Android and IOS smart phone. Where can I download profile now?



I apologize for the inconvenience! 
You can still download the microphone calibration profile, but it has to be done using a computer or employing the desktop mode in your mobile browser.
This is so because Systemwide cannot be installed on mobile devices and there are not too many mobile applications for Measurement microphone use.


Why does the file not contain phase values?


Hey Raphael, 

This is due to the fact that the phase response of the microphones is quite linear. The only distortions that might be present are beyond the range of human hearing. 

I must note that the phase response of the microphone is not as relevant in when measuring your setup with the Reference software as we do not correct the phase discrepancies of the room, but generally only frequency response.


Like mirock616 I'm also looking for a 90º correction profile. Is there any way to get this?


Hey Bob,

I am sorry to disappoint you, but 90 degree calibration profiles are not available for XREF20 microphones.


In my case, I was looking for the 90 degrees calibration profile to use the mic with "Room EQ" (REW Software) in order to research acoustic treatment. Is it possible with the 0 degree calibration file?


Hi Shawn, 


0° degree file is available as described above but 90° is not available. It could actually be possible to add 90° files at some point down the road (also for the existing mics that are already distributed), but not in the near future, I'm afraid. 


After you update the web, I can't find the XREF 20's calibration profile in the download center anymore. Could you guys send me a link?




The download link no longer works. Now it just takes you to this page and there is nowhere to download the microphone calibration profile files on there.

How should I go about downloading these files now?


Hi everyone, 


Our apologies for the missing mic download! We have restructured our downloads page and added the mic download here: Downloads



I also need a 90 degree profile. Assuming that Sonarworks is not going to offer these directly, can you please provide the mathematical transform as a formula or table here? It would take only 5 minutes with a spreadsheet to generate a 90 degree file from the 0 degree file I already have.


Hi Steve,

90° profiles will be available in the near future, stay tuned! However, unfortunately, no other solutions are available until then. 


Thanks Zane. By staying tuned, do you mean check back on this thread? If so, how often should I check back?


Hey Steve, we'll make sure to follow up here in the thread about the profile updates. You should receive an automatic notification once a comment is added to this post.


Any idea the timing on this? I need to decide whether I need a plan B.


Hi everyone,

Letting you know that 90 degree microphone profiles are now available. You can download the microphone profiles on this page: SoundID Reference downloads by entering your mic ID.


Thanks Zane. This is helpful.



Great! Thanks for the heads up and support!




I can only seem to get the 90 degree microphone profile in the SWMIC format. Is there any way to get it in txt or other format for third party software?



Hi Zane, brilliant feature! Also could you make one in TXT format for the 90 degree calibration, please?
swmic format isn't the one that third party apps can use, only Sonarworks...



hi i download new calibration zip but 30 deg and 90 mic calibration file .swmic only i and other guys need .txt format can u add?

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