Can I use third-party measurement microphones?

Yes, you can use any omnidirectional condenser measurement microphone. We won't be able to consult the calibration outcome if you are not using an individually calibrated microphone.


It is possible to use ARC, ECM8000, EMM-6 among other microphones, just keep in mind that for the most accurate results, we highly recommend using a microphone with available individual calibration data*.


*We cannot provide calibration files for third-party microphones, please contact the manufacturer of the microphone for more information.


ARC and ECM8000, generally aren't sold with individual calibration, so they are not best for precise measurements (usually problems with frequencies above 8 kHz), but will get the job done to some extent. 


IMPORTANT: USB measurement microphones are not supported and will not work correctly with the measurement software due to word clock issues.


If you have your microphone's frequency response data, please refer to this article to find out how to make it compatible with the Reference 4 Measure app.



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where can I get that .txt file to edit it with my ECM8000?


A correction is needed here, and I hope Sonarworks can be gracious enough to correct their erroneous advice :

The Dayton Audio EMM-6 and other Dayton Audio measurement microphones all come with calibration files, which you can download from their web site using the unique serial number on the microphone.

A very similar process to the calibration file process for the Sonarworks microphone.

You go to the Dayton Audio website, enter your serial number and you get a text file...

Details on this page(link below). and the same page accepts your serial number and provides you with a text file for your microphone.


Thanks for that, I've updated the article!


Hi, USB microphones are not supported. Your software works in computer and a USB audio interface must be used? All analogue signal must be altered by USB converter into a computer this or another way. Won’t it be a problem with word clock issues then?


Hey Jaroslaw, 

This is one of the reasons why USB microphones are not supported.
We recommend using the same device for both input and output because then the same clocking source would be used for both signal streams.
Using a USB microphone would require the use of a separate output device and often facilitate timing discrepancies inhibiting proper measurements.

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