Can I use my license on multiple computers?

Yes! Regular Reference 4 licenses can be activated and used on up to 3 devices simultaneously. However, EDU licenses (if you've applied and purchased with an educational discount) can only be used on a single device.

If you own a Reference 4 or True-Fi license, you can manage your activations using our User account system. For more information follow this link.

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with all the respect, having a single activation seems absurd, especially
for the headphone plugin...
It's simply frustrating for touring musicians and
engineers having to stick to one computer, don't you find?
When developers avoid iLoks they owe giving us at least two machines.
It's useless as it is. I should have read the license policy, i know.
Just my two cents



this is really annoying!


Really annoyed about this, come on chaps, this is a plugin that needs to be moved around surely? can we have some way to activate and deactivate it easily so we can move it to different systems? Not impressed at all!

The speaker plugin can be activated on two machines and headphones only one. It is far more likely the room with monitors is going to be stationary and therefore only one licence required with the headphones being the portable option, thus requiring two or more licences!




Yes, I agree. Not very good at all in this respect. A couple of licences would have been extremely useful.


If you want to use just one i would say get iLok going.  Having said that i paid for 3



That's crazy!  At least make it so you can only use on one machine at a time!  What happens if I get a new computer?  Do I have to pay again?  Doesn't make sense....


...and now you are giving a free additional licence to new users, and loyal customers are stuck with one this is not fair. Can we at least have a one at a time system please?

Best. S



I sorta feel like I've been had... I just paid like 450$ canadian for this And Now I'm realizing it's full of limitations... I mean... it's just 1 product for goodness sakes... not a bundle or anything. Only 1 system? no one does that anymore... One system at a time would be great at least... and How am I supposed to use my second speaker license on my second system if I only have one license for the analyzing software? I don't get it...



Im in the same situation, I got two instances of the plugin (thats great!)

but the analyzing software are only one!? i need this to use the second plugin!

i have one at my home studio, but i would like to use the second plugin in my studio.

am I supposed to use two plugins on one machine (place)? that does not make any sense.

the only solution i can see is to buy the trail one more time, just so i can run the analyzing software and then use my second plugin.

at least give us two instances of the analyzing software as well


Come on Soundworks. this is ridiculous. I travel the world to so many studios and to rely on my studio sound i always bring my measurement mic. To have it work on only one computer is a big dissapointment. It states 2 up here, but on the 2nd computer i installed it, i can only activate but not do measurement. Also i have 2 laptops and a studio computer i work on. 


Please resolve this issue so i can trust my sound in different studios. I have advised over 40 people of this software but get blocked by you guys on the 2nd computer i try it. This is very dissapointing. 


I look forward to your reply and a solution. To use it one maschine at the same time should be enough "sharing proof" for you. 


I really look forward to a reply ASAP!!!


Also if i can only measure it one location, whats the use of having 2 speaker licenses... 

Also i installed in on a studio i work in abroad in Berlin, without being aware of any of this, how can i deactivate that computer for now, so i can use it on my laptop. 


Still all of this is so 1995, please be kind to your customers who support you and share your technology with fellow colleagues. 


Hugs from Holland. 


I am experimenting with the trial version of the room and speaker calibration software and the results look promising so I am seriously considering buying this today. Unfortunately there is only 1 license for the analyzing software. I need this both for my studio here at home and on my laptop which I use for on location recording sessions so that's a showstopper for me to purchase this software right now.

I'm not using iLok (and never will) but please make this license available for eLicenser (I use this for e.g. Cubase and Halion Sonic 2) so I can (as mentioned before by others ) at least have it on one machine at a time. Kind regards, André.

Permanently deleted user

Dear all,

Very sorry for the late reply!

We are fully aware that our licensing system is far from great and are working hard on improvements. A top priority for us at the moment is finding a solution for giving users greater control over the activation process (e.g. what components of licenses are activated on specific computers).

We've intended our speaker calibration licenses to be suitable for use in a single studio. The decision to include two speaker calibration plugin instances in the standard license has been made to support studio set-ups that include two computers or a dual-boot system.

Thank you for your input and if you have any further questions you'd like to discuss, or if you're having licensing-related issues, please submit a request here!


Sonarworks is great on headphones

but i really think it should be at least two licenses  that we can move around with a auth manager

at least give us a good deal if we decide to buy another license please

i dont get why we have to buy the same plugin twice since most developers are

providing at least two licenses 

i use dual boot too so why cant i have two licenses for that because i bought the headphone version ?

ok to the good :)

i have asked for activation code for new computer once  and they emailed it to me very quickly so good job on that  :)

Permanently deleted user

Hi Jon,

Glad to hear you're satisfied with our product!

As I mentioned in my previous reply, we're currently working on an improved licensing system that will give users greater control over what is activated where at any given point in time.

We're always willing to consider giving better deals to existing customers on repeated purchases!


ok so here i read

"The headphone plugin comes with a single license key which can be used on three machines simultaneously. We've found that three simultaneous activations is optimal for most users"

that the headphones plugin can be used on three computers.

i bought speaker and headphones plugins, and use them on my studio desktop, but when i was traveling and tried to install headphones calibration on my laptop, it wouldn't work saying i have no licence. can you explain why is that if i should have three simultaneous activations possible? and i can't even have two?

please offer me those licences that you say should work





It really depends on when you bought the license. The licensing system for our Headphone plug-in was updated starting March 2016, before that every license included only one instance. The price was also adjusted from 69$/Eur to 99$/Eur. Thus we offer existing customers to upgrade for the price of 30$/Eur for the extra two licenses.


The Activation request file:, which is generated, replaces the contents each time the OS is reinstalled.

Therefore, every time you reinstall the operating system, the license is consumed.

Make code that does not have any changes, such as the MAC address of the NIC on the PC.

It's strange to consume a license on the same PC.


It's a brilliant idea that some software companies do their validity check with HARD DRIVE!!!

How stupid is that?!  Seems Sonatworks also preferred that trend...

Why not using Mobo & CPU?!  Or you should have a formula that I can authorize drivers back and forth online myself. Cubase has that system for their keys!




sonarworks have done nothing for the customers since 2016 to let the customers move they're license/s around 

sonarworks also promised doing something about this on Gearslutz 

SW  you leave a bad taste in my mouth by not addressing these issues

i will not purchase any more SW products 
and i will not recommend SW software to anyone being a member of a large audio community group

the only way to change my mind, Address these issues !

i dont have any agenda as the product itself is really good 

But why not add ilok and iloc account as protection like soundtoys does it ?
at least make it an option 
since you clearly cant or don't have time to make an authorize App your selves  

Best regards J.F


Great software but idiotic registration.. !

I too would say ilok would be awesome! bring the calibrarion with you on laptop or in studio. nice easy well established!



Make a strong protest Sonarworks. -> twitter @Sonar_Works


I think some common sense is needed for both sides... 

Basically, like Adam says: "Great software but idiotic registration!"

We should stop threatening with a bit oversized claims and threats

and Sonarworks should take care of this sooner than later...

But like I said, in the end, the main value remains and that is the work that Sonarwork already had put in...

I have bought the cheapest headphone with the calibration and it's ridiculously good... So...... 

PS. Right now I am having a problem with my serial but it will be resolved one way or other and I won't spontaneously combust in the meantime...   I hope...

 By the way, I second the "optional" iLook twist...


I need to use one of my key for two partitions on my computer but I can't because your software tells me that this is a new computer... That's bad !


Hey Guillaume,

If both of the partitions have different computer IDs and don't share the license file, sadly, there is no way for the software to learn that it is the same machine.
Especially when a different IP address is used for activation. When activating the software on a computer with the same ID no extra activation would be employed

If you are not using all three of your activation seats, you should be able to revoke one by registering in the user account system here -
Afterward, the seat should be available to be used for the second partition.

The licensing system is likely to be improved, but for it to work as intended in the future it will still have to receive proper identification data from your computer.


I'm using the three ones in parallel. Couldn't you produce the computerID based on hardware instead ?


Hi Guillaume, 

Our apologies for the huge lag in the comment approval/response time - we missed this one!

The computer ID is based on an industry-standard method. So, although there are some improvements expected, the general idea will remain the same. Also, the computer ID is actually based on hardware too, so if you replace any major components (for example, the motherboard, etc.) the software will recognize it as a new machine due to the computer id change.

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