How to contact Sonarworks support

We've recently made updates to our Help & Support center which has moved the "My support requests" option from your Sonarworks account to the help center section. 


How to submit a support request

In the Sonarworks Help Center, there are three different options for submitting a support request:

  1. "Requests" section in your Help Center account
  2. "Submit a request" option under any article
  3. Chat with us via our web widget


Submit a request via the "Requests" section

To submit a support request from your Help Center account:

  1. Click on "Sign in" and log into the Help Center with your Sonarworks Account credentials (if you don't have an existing Sonarworks user account, you can create an account here: Sign up)
  2. Click on your profile name and select "Requests" in the dropdown 
  3. Click on "Submit a request"





Submit a request from any article

To submit a support request from an article:

  1. Navigate to any article in the Help Center
  2. Scroll to the bottom of an article
  3. Click on the "Submit a request" option in the green banner




Chat with us via the web widget

To chat with our team or leave a message, find the web widget located in the bottom right corner of the page. You can interact with our bot or chat with our team. 

If there are no agents currently available for a live chat, you can leave a message in the widget, and our Support Team will get back to you.



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